Advertise on FreePaisa


Getting users to interact with your app has never been easier. FreePaisa has introduced different advertising models to help you get your users do exactly what you want them to. Choose from any of the advertising models listed below

  1. Getting New Users on your platform

    Climbing ranks on the play store has never been easier. Acquire targeted new users for your android app and scale up your total users. Pricing starts as low as Rs.20 per install for upto 5000 installs. For higher volumes and shorter timelines, please write to us at

  2. Get users to explore the best parts of your app

    Define App specific tasks for users to qualify for a reward. Pay only if a user installs and completes the defined task such as completing registration, completing a game level, inviting a friend etc.

  3. Spread Brand Awareness

    With our CPQ (Cost Per Quiz) model, you can reach out to targeted users to understand the offerings of your brand/product over questions. Pay only when the user completes all questions correctly. Eg: What does do? Option a, b, c, d (Multiple choice questions about your brand/product)

  4. Serve your Video

    A video explains much better than a verbose description. Showcase your video ad to the right audience & pay only when the user opts to view the whole video. You can even get users to subscribe to your youtube channel.

  5. Get to know new users better

    Many a times, users who download apps don’t register. We will ask users to fill in required details and then proceed with downloading your app. This ways, you can link data for future communications.

  6. Try for FREE- 100 Installs at NO COST! Click here to get started for free. No credit card required.